Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Use Google Maps Offline When You Travel

This post is for you if you' don't like pulling out accordion style maps during your travels (or just have an unusually difficult time folding them back up), love your phone like it's your baby, or you are always bee-lining it to the free WiFi cafes while on vacation.
How to Use Google Maps Offline When You Travel-Alex Good-Beautyosaurus Lex-Travel-Tech-Tutorial-How To
Today we're diving in to what could quite possibly be thee single most useful travel tip that I have up my sleeve; downloading Google Maps for offline use, *mind blown*. Simple, quick, and you'll have the city map at your fingertips! 
Follow along with the video, and skim over the instructions to make your travel run as smooth as possible.
Firstly, open Google Maps. Seems obvious, but I did tell you that all of the steps were going to simple. Type in the city of your upcoming adventure. See that cute hamburger menu in the top left corner, go on and click on that. In that drop down menu, yeah you guessed it, click Offline areas. That + sign in the bottom right, click on that. You'll be prompted with a very polite "Download this area?", and hell yes we want that area in our lives! Now it's time to name your offline area, I like to get creative with this, that's just me though. Toss in a few emojis, something punny, whatever your heart desires. Et voila! Your map is readily available. When you get to where you're going sans WiFi you'll be able to use the regular Google Maps app without being slapped with a ridiculous roaming bill (airplane mode is a godsend for no surprises on your next bill)!

There you have it! I knew you could do it; because you're a damn genius! Now go on, get out there, and explore.

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