Monday, August 29, 2016

The St. George's, Bermuda Travel Guide

I said it over on Instagram, but I'll say it again; I have never loved a place like I do Bermuda. Locals so friendly they'd probably adopt you as one of their own if you just asked, buttery soft sand that leads you to eerily clear water, and plenty of Rum Swizzle to go around!
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A few items to cover before I jump into my travel guide for St. George's; Bermuda is a British island territory, they speak english, and the Bermudian dollar has an even exchange rate to the USD, and no need for power adapters for most because they use Type A (two prong), as well as Type B (three prong). Let's dive in (bad puns end here, promise), shall we?
Alex Good-Beautyosaurus Lex-Travel Guide-Vacation Guide-Bermuda-2016-St. George’sWhere to Stay in St. George's
+We posted up at the St. George's Club in St. George's, and it proved to be the ideal place to settle for the week. A five minute walk to the town center, a ten minute walk in the other direction to Tobacco Bay, and a 25 minute bus ride to Hamilton. Nestled into the hills, this is the perfect place for a quiet vacation, with plenty of attraction options at your finger tips.
Alex Good-Beautyosaurus Lex-Travel Guide-Vacation Guide-Bermuda-2016-St. George’sWhat to Do in St. George's
+Rent a moped, no seriously. We had ours on the last two days of our stay, and at one point Hans looked at me and said, "the next time we come, we're getting these for the whole trip". Car rentals are not a thing in Bermuda, so to zip around the Island, spend the day beach hopping, or be able to point to a light house and say "let's go there", you'll need one and it's pretty priceless. Rent from Oleander, and tell Chelsea I said hey!
+Head to Tobacco Bay to catch the sunset. Take the path behind the building all of the way to the top of the cliff, and you'll have the best view on the island, complete with a makeshift palette love seat!
+Peak your head into one of the many colorful shops downtown. Especially the Bermuda Perfumery, I'm still kicking myself over not picking up one of the Lili Bermuda fragrances while I was there.
+Stroll through
+Wander around the grounds of the St. Peters Church, that was built in 1713.
+Drive your moped up to Fort St. Catherine, major props if you can get there at dawn to see the sun come up.
+If museums are your thing then you'll need to stop at the Tucker House Museum, the St. George's Historical Society Museum, and the Bermuda National Trust Museum.
+Where are my pastel building lovers at? You're in luck because just going for a walk around town will have your jaw on the ground with all of the charm that St. George's has to offer!
Alex Good-Beautyosaurus Lex-Travel Guide-Vacation Guide-Bermuda-2016-St. George’sWhere to Eat in St. George's
+Start your day off at GoJo's Coffee Shop grab an iced coffee to sip while you walk around town, or stay for a brunch that leaves you full well into the afternoon.
+Dip into Yo Cherry for some frozen yogurt, and don't even think about leaving without having (at least) one of their doughnuts!
+Somer's Supermarket is thee place to stock up on snacks and essentials.
+Wahoo's Bistro & Patio, is the perfect place to enjoy some fresh seafood al fresco. Get the wahoo, trust me!
+Get a fishing charter if possible! We had one of the greatest evenings of the trip eating the fish that the men had caught that day, making stops to cliff dive and snorkel, and setting back in time to watch the sunset from the open water. Do not not do this!
Alex Good-Beautyosaurus Lex-Travel Guide-Vacation Guide-Bermuda-2016-St. George’sIf a trip to Bermuda wasn't on your radar before, I sure hope that it is now. Oh, and could you bring me along too, please? I'm loads of fun, and you can even have the window seat. Whattya say?

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