Friday, July 8, 2016

The Art of Balance

At the forefront of 2016, I vowed to use my time like currency, and truly treasure where I place that time.

Yet today, I sat at my desk, snacking (strictly out of boredom), and found myself constantly calculating the minutes until I got to go home to my dog and hot husband. ….and the hypocrite of the year award goes to… Alexandria Good (they’d use my full name, because it’s a fancy award show and all).

Balancing your life is an art; it’s really damn difficult, and for those who say it isn’t, well they’re lying to you. How do I implement a life where my time is valuable, cherished, and well spent, when I’m cooped up in a cubicle for eight hours a day? Now, if you’re thinking, “hold up, forty hours still leaves you with 128 hours during the rest of the week”. You’re absolutely right! You best believe that those hours are held sacred to me, I’m mostly struggling with the 40 spent in my office where I’m wishing time would speed up.

So, let’s make a pact. Today, we’re going to start living authentically and using as much free time doing whatever we damn-well please. I’m all about some r n’ r, so if you need a day with no bra and a lot of Netflix, then so be it! If you’re wanting to make lifestyle changes, want to be up an hour earlier, or incorporate 30 minutes of yoga into your routine daily, then I’m here for you too. This time of ours is far too precious to be spent wishing that there was a fast forward button.

Continuing into July, I hope that we all lead lives jam-packed with beautiful memories, moments that live in our minds instead of on our phones, and we all work towards chasing the unicorn that is balance.

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