Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to Have the Ultimate Beach Day

What's better than a beach getaway?
The warm blanket of sand covering your toes, a balmy breeze whipping your hair around, and salty skin that seems to last well after your vacation has ended.
Today I'm sharing with you my guide on how to make the most of your beach days, what to pack, and how to enjoy it to the fullest!
Shall we dive in? (Bad pun, I know, I apologize)
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1. Bow out when the sun is the strongest. Whether you hide under a cabana, dip into town for a spot of shopping, or choose to grab at meal in a shaded restaurant, it's never a bad idea to avoid the sun when it's at it's peak.

2. Bring a water bottle, and refill often. More than not I'll just fill up my water bottle with ice, that way as it melts I have the coldest water and can ensure zero dehydration. The sun and heat really take it out of you, so keep sipping!

3. Get yourself a proper beach bag, and along with that a waterproof pouch to stash inside of it. Take it from me, it isn't fun frying your phone and your camera at the same time because they got splashed with some water.
Beautyosaurus Lex-Dominican Republic-travel guide-Punta Cana-Beach-Holiday-Vacation-lifestyle blog
4. Packed snacks are your best friend. Preferably pack something light and fresh that can be kept on ice. Thee last thing that you want is to be hot and hangry with no meal in sight! Am I right?

5. Don't assume that the beach will provide activity rentals. I'm not telling you to BYOJS (bring your own jet ski), but go by the Boy Scout slogan, and always be prepared. Whether you want to cozy up on a beach chair and read a book, or splash in the sea; bring the essentials. We're talking your Kindle/books, a frisbee, and even snorkel gear. If you want it, pack it. You should also be realistic, and remember that a salty, sandy, and tired version of yourself will have to lug everything back that you bring.
Beautyosaurus Lex-Dominican Republic-travel guide-Punta Cana-Beach-Holiday-Vacation-lifestyle blog
6. Y'all know my passion for sun protection, so I won't harp on too much, but seriously just pack the damn sunscreen. A "base tan" only provides an SPF protection of 3 or less! Ouch (literally). So please, for me and to look like you've found the fountain of youth, wear your sunscreen. Including, but not limited to, facial sunscreen, a lip balm with protection, and the largest bottle of SPF 30 or above that you can slather liberally all over.

7. Ask the locals! I have found some of the greatest hidden clip diving locations, surf spots, and hole in the wall restaurants that I'm still salivating over, all from asking the locals.
Beautyosaurus Lex-Dominican Republic-travel guide-Punta Cana-Beach-Holiday-Vacation-lifestyle blog
8. Take a few deep breaths. I know it's easy for some to relax when at the beach, but I'm one of those weirdos that gets antsy from just sitting around. I like to bring my camera, take a few deep breaths, really take it all in, and capture my surroundings.
Beautyosaurus Lex-Dominican Republic-travel guide-Punta Cana-Beach-Holiday-Vacation-lifestyle blog9. Take in at least one sunset, and one sunrise. This is something that I try to knock out more than once, but if you can only pull yourself from your cozy bed once, then I count that as a win. Grab a cup of coffee, get your sneakers on, and take in the sunrise and town before the rest of the city wakes up. There is something so indescribably magical about it!

There you have it, my tips to ensure that you have the ultimate bikini clad beach day, while soaking up that vitamin sea and D!

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