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The Best Last Minute Getaway to Lyon, France

With big plans of being swept away to Paris, kissing beneath the Eiffel Tower, and feeding one another macarons along the Seine river; I was a bit shocked when it was recommended that we visit Lyon instead.
However that shock quickly dissipated, and being spontaneous certainly worked out in our favor!
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-Spring

After a few chapters of my book and a snooze on the TER train, we had made it to Lyon, France.
Though the TGV does run to and from Lyon, we opted for the TER as more commuters take it, and it is a bit more stable as far as strikes go.
Having had a smooth journey, we arrived fairly early and practically had the whole place to ourselves.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringIntricate details adorn every building, and leave you marveling at what it would be like to live amidst these elegant structures.
Since I was little I've dreamed of living on the top floor of a cream brick building, decorative iron outside every window, and rows of matching white curtains that conceal decades of historical charm.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
Perched out of our Airbnb window, it wasn't all that difficult to daydream about taking up residence in this enchanting city.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringAmong the buzzing center, the side streets seemed to be rather tame. Children zip by on scooters with their mothers shouting not too far behind. Couples stride in unison, laughing and stopping to oooh and aaah in boulangerie windows.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringIn desperate need of some caffeine, we dropped off our bags, and briefly connected to WiFi to find the best latte in the city to warm up our insides.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWe ventured out beneath the rain, and quickly became distracted.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringApologies for the overload of photos. Can you blame me though? When something built in 1856 looks this good from every angle, you can't help but to go snap happy!
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringSide note; I made the ultimate rookie mistake and forgot to pack layers. Don't worry though, famous for it's shopping, it wasn't too hard to find a store in Lyon to dip into for a sweater.
No matter the forecast, pack a light sweater, always.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringPlace des Jacobins de Lyon greeted us with a warm Lyon welcome, mesmerized us for a while, and then sent us on our way to get said espresso.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringThe skies started to open, the smell of freshly ground beans danced along the breeze, and I knew we were getting close. 
If you're ever in Lyon you have to make a stop at Cafe Mokxa. Hans is hardly a coffee drinker and tossed back his first latte so fast that he had to get another.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
Quite honestly the best latte I have ever had in all of my 23 years.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringNot your typical, minuscule shot of espresso; I tucked into my generously sized mug of frothy goodness.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
Seriously fueled, we pressed on with the only plan in sight being a far off lunch reservation.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringHand in hand we weaved through the streets, trying to grasp what it must have been like during World War II, and what these walls would say if they could talk.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringLyon hasn't always had it easy. A rich history known for it's silk industry, and also its strong resistance towards the German Army.
Magic seemed to be just around ever corner, lurking among the pastel painted buildings, and stoic cathedrals.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWith the cafeine wearing off, and our stomachs starting to rumble we landed on the front stoop of our lunch spot.
A roaring review led us to Cafe Comptoir Abel. Call ahead to reserve a table because this quaint tavern overflows with locals during lunch and dinner.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringA cozy spot to take sanctuary from the rain and enjoy some Foie gras et ses toasts, Poulet aux morilles a la creme, and Tartare de Boeuf.
Thanks again Patrick for the recommendation; we are still fawning over how exquisite this traditional spot was.
Having politely declined dessert, we poured out into the street with satisfied grins and the need for more exploring.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWalk a few blocks and you'll be right alongside the river. Even on a gloomy day, Lyon has an enticing quality that you can't help but want to get lost in.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringThe city is divided into arrondisments, our Airbnb was situated just between the first and second and proved to be the ultimate location for meandering but never being too far from home.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWe strolled along the bridge covering our ears from the brisk wind, and wound up in the Old Town. 
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWith no agenda we ducked under awnings, tiptoed around puddles, and didn't mind getting lost from looking up at the buildings instead of street names.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringOh, this turquoise door. I like to imagine that if I lived here, I'd walk by it everyday, and post up at the neighboring cafe when I needed a jolt of inspiration.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringCould this charming entryway be a a traboule in disguise?
More on that tomorrow!
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWe joke that we're the best travel partners because our agendas are filled with food, and then we explore from there. We'll call for a dinner reservation, decide where we want to grab lunch, mosey around and grab a snack when we see something worth stopping for; and do all of the sightseeing between that.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
When traveling to and from France, always check ahead to see if there is a strike taking place. It isn't uncommon for your train to be cancelled due to them, leaving you posted up at the train station for far more hours than anticipated.
We did all of our booking through this site!
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Lyon-France-AlexGoodTravels-SpringSomething tremendously valuable that I've learned through travel is to take advantage of your time. If it's raining, grab an umbrella. Sweltering hot with the looming fret of sunburn? Scoop up some sunscreen. You never want to return home wishing that you had spent more time out and about when you had the chance.

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