Thursday, June 9, 2016

Getting Chummy with the Locals in Gruyères, Switzerland

Like most adventures, they begin at night over a few glasses of wine, as just an idea. Ours this night was to head to Gruyères in the morning, mosey around the castle, meet some cows, and seek out the best meringue with double cream that we could get our hands on.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
That is exactly what we did.

Lausanne began to come to life just as we loaded up, and headed out.
Wherever you go, pack gum with you. An easily overlooked element, but with all of the changes in altitude your ears are sure to be popping.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringJust under an hour of weaving over mountains, winding through valleys, and pointing out delicate towns etched into the hills, we had arrived.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringDrenched in sunshine, and overflowing with charm, we set off around the town with no real agenda.
Our local tour guide led us to a corner of the town, with tremendous views.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
Unfortunately his English wasn't all that great, but he was helpful and handsome nonetheless.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringIf you've found yourself in front of the Saint Pierre aux Liens, then you're headed in the right direction.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWe poked our heads in, admired the intricate detail of it all, and then veered off the path a bit more.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringTo a walkway full of windows that presented the most breathtaking of views. If your travels have you feeling spent, a bit lackluster, and in need of some fresh air then you need to visit Gruyères. Serenity, views in every direction, and more cows than people.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringAfter a solid twenty minutes of being in awe, we pulled ourselves from our perch, thanked our tour guide one last time and climbed on.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringThe city peaks at noon; tours arrive, fondue hungry settlers take up a place at local restaurants, and school groups move through like a herd. Luckily, we got there fairly early and for the better part of the morning, had the place to ourselves.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWe peeked around every corner, stopped regularly to take it all in, and sought out every path that led us upwards.Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringUntil we were up alongside the Château de Gruyères.
The fee to enter was 12 francs, not too steep, however we were enjoying the view far too much to bring ourselves to pay that, and step away from the scenery.Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-Spring
With stomachs grumbling, and the sun become sweltering overhead, we headed back to the city center.Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringRows of traditional Swiss houses, storefronts blossoming with life, and the odd souvenir shop to stock up on postcards and get a cow bell of your very own.Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringA medieval town that looks like something straight out of a movie.Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringBeautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringWhat's one thing you want to see?
I closed my eyes, heard the bells and replied, cows, of course.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringYes, the cows do in fact where bells here. Though they do look rather dapper in them, the real reason is to ensure no wanderers get lost up in the mountains.
The bells ring through the valley, echoing off the surrounding mountains and a smile grows on your face as you realize how magical it all is.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringFull of warm greetings, strikingly adorable, and eating healthy to ensure the best Gruyère cheese possible; such hard workers!Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Lifestyle Blog-Travel-Gruyere-Switzerland-AlexGoodTravels-SpringAn oasis with clear skies, fresh air, and emerald hills as far as the eye can see; just what we needed after that week of showers!

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