Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Travel Edit // What's in My Purse

Hello There!
This time next week, Hans and I will be hopefully recovered from jet lag and be living it up in Switzerland. We're there for three weeks, and with any adventure, a lot of prep goes into it.
Today we are talking the contents of my purse, and yes, I do already have my purse ready to go for this next adventure. 
Shall we?
Beautyosaurus Lex-Alex Good-Cambridge Satchel-Saddle Purse-Yellow-What's in My Purse-Travel-2016.jpg
Check out the details, and reasoning, behind everything that I'm packing! Knowing me, I'll end up tossing something in at the last minute, but no need to worry you'll be the first people that I update on that situation!

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