Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sheet Masks to the Rescue

Hello There!
Have I ever mentioned that I'm a bit of a skincare junkie?
My routines are my me time. The focus being on pampering myself, and I feel rather luxurious slathering myself in all of my lotions and potions.
One treatment that I seldom talk about though are sheet masks.
Sheet masks are nothing new, in fact Asian skincare brands have been incorporating these gems in their lineups for decades.
Review-Beautyosaurus Lex-Alex Good-Sheet Mask-Asian Beauty-Skincare Review-1.jpg
These face shaped sheets are packed with hydrating ingredients, because they're soaked in a gel-like consistency, I apply my mask right after my serums have been absorbed. I'll pick up my Kindle, read a chapter or two, freak Hans out a little, and then it's time to peel back the mask to reveal plump, supple, and satisfied skin!

I've tried quite a few brands, and types, from my trialing these are the ones that I continuously repurchase when I notice that my stash is dwindling. Great for when I need a hydration boost, am looking a bit lack luster, or if I'm longing for a bit of pamper.
Review-Beautyosaurus Lex-Alex Good-Sheet Mask-Asian Beauty-Skincare Review-1.jpg
Which mask is right for you? If you're longing for hydration, live in a dry climate, or just endured a long travel day then this one, this one, and don't forget this one, are for you.
Dealing with stress or some irritating spots, I like to give this one a go, this is a favorite, as well as this one.
Dull, tired, or just generally drab looking skin? Have a whack at this, or this one!
Review-Beautyosaurus Lex-Alex Good-Sheet Mask-Asian Beauty-Skincare Review-1.jpg
A powerful treatment all neatly packaged, which also makes these ideal for travel. Y'all have heard my spiel about how dehydrating planes are, these are a must for those long haul flights. Will you look slightly scary? Yes. Should you reserve these for night flights? Perhaps. Does it do wonders to your skin when you're flying 35,000 feet up? Hell yes!

Oh, I haven't even mentioned the best part; the price. Go on, treat yo' self, and that two dollars spent will turn you into a believer.
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