Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our Travel Day by the Numbers

Hello There!
Our flight departed at 7:30pm on Friday. "We have the whole day", we thought. "We'll clean the house, do a spot of laundry, drop Gus off, and grab a bite to eat at our favorite local joint, all before noon". That was until we looked up and realized our Uber was arriving in just under 30 minutes.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Travel-Lifestyle Blog-IcelandAir-Iceland-4.jpg
Folding at a rapid speed, tossing in last minute "essentials", triple checking that we had everything in a tizzy, and just like that we were out and on our way.
Two neck pillows that we seriously regret not buying. Oh and better yet, they were shaped like whales. The regret is as real as it gets.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Travel-Lifestyle Blog-IcelandAir-Iceland-4.jpgOne final boarding call that blared over the speaker as we stood in the customs line at the Keflavik airport. Yes, we were those people running through the airport at full speed, clutching our backpacks, and dodging suitcases and people like veteran running backs. 
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Travel-Lifestyle Blog-IcelandAir-Iceland-4.jpg4,579 miles spent up at 35,000 feet, for nearly ten hours.
Beautyosuaurs Lex-Alex Good-Travel-Lifestyle Blog-IcelandAir-Iceland-4.jpgTwo Twenty minutes spent at a ticket kiosk, scratching our chins, and trying to decipher what the German in front of us meant.

Travel days are rough, but they are all about how you make it. Please don't be that grumpy person who steals your window seat, has a tantrum about asking her to move, and then proceeds to throw their bag and pout the entire trip. Oh yeah, we had the pleasure of sitting next to one of those. 

All-in-all it took an Uber, a bus, a plane, a train, and a brisk walk until we were at our Airbnb. Needless to say we were a happy pair of wanderers when we dropped our bags, freshened up, and hit the streets with months of anticipation behind us.
More about Z├╝rich tomorrow!

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