Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why I Read Horoscopes

Hello There!

"Are you a Gemini?", I ask as I can practically hear my husband's eyes roll. This is common. I'm super conscious of when Mercury is in retrograde, what my weekly horoscope is telling me, and what days I should cool down my Aries jets, and tread a little lighter.

Why do I waste my time with this silly stuff? I chalk it up to two very important factors; openness and mindfulness.
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Think of your wildest dream, highest ambition, super-secret goal. Have you got it? Now I'm going to tell you that you can achieve it. knock knock, what's that? Doubt. I have some ambitious, extravagant, and scary goals y'all, and when we imagine achieving these, doubt creeps in. I'm asking you to tell that doubt, to go and fly a kite. Keeping an open mind will help you get out of your own way to achieve outstanding things. Getting that J.Lo booty, making more money, buying your first home, building a solid career, these are all super attainable things, that just require you to believe in yourself and get the hell out of your own head!

Mindfulness has been on my heart a lot lately. For ten or so minutes a day I have been practicing meditating. I'll just call it meditating, but I'm sitting in silence, focusing on my breath and accepting, and then dismissing my thoughts as they come to me. All without dwelling, fighting them, or avoiding. How does this relate to my horoscope? Let's take this week for instance; my horoscope says that I can be a bit aggressive, and I should be a touch more sensitive with my tough-love spiel *stubborn eye roll*. My initial reaction is huff about and blame everyone else for being all mushy, but with mindfulness I'm taking into account this advice and applying it.

I'm not here to push being a horoscope junkie like myself, I'm here to tell you that sometimes it is nice to have a monthly, weekly, daily insight on to what ways you could better yourself!

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