Sunday, March 20, 2016

Travel Guide // Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Endless beachfront decorated with rows of luscious palm trees, humid salty air, and instant beach hair; today we're taking a look at my recent trip to the Dominican Republic.
What to Pack // Firstly, check your hotels clothing requirements. More than not, men have to wear khaki pants, and no jeans are permitted at the resort restaurants. Luckily, our resort was pretty low key and a couple of bikinis to rotate between, a pair of shorts, and a tee to toss on, were just right. Sunscreen galore; between two of us we managed to get through an entire bottle. A waterproof watch, also proved to be very useful as we didn't have cell data available down there, and ended up leaving our phones in the room. Whenever I'm somewhere tropical I live in my favorite shoes! Water-resistant, ultra comfortable, and you've been warned; the compliments flood in.What to Eat // La Bandera is the dish of the Dominican, unfortunately we had a hard time tracking this signature dish down. Our all-inclusive didn't offer the local flare that we had hoped for, had we had more time I would've gone to the city central and dipped into a restaurant overflowing with locals. As far as Dominican drinks, Mama Juana is a very popular cocktail made up of rum, red wine, honey, herbs and soaked in tree bark. Word to the wise, go slow. A sip was plenty for me, something about warm red wine on a ninety degree day, didn't do it for me.
What to Avoid // There were quite a few vendors on the beach, they have a job to do, but just be careful of what you're agreeing to. Our first excursion was a rum tour that turned into a five hour long taxi ride, visiting the guides buddies' shops.
Our Favorite Adventure // The mister is an avid surfer, so it was no surprise when he had a few beaches scoped out for surfing, and equally great for me to lounge on the warm sand. Playa Encuentro was a thirty minute taxi ride from where we were posted up, and cost $70 round trip. Load up the taxi van and the price goes significantly down per head, and is well worth a day at a secluded beach, with cold beer, a shower to rinse off in, and locals warmer than the Dominican heat.

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