Monday, March 21, 2016

Jo Malone Nasturtium & Clover Review and the Importance of Treatin' Yo Self

Alex Good-Beautyosaurus Lex-Jo Malone-Review-Perfume-Nasturtium & Clover-Herb Garden-Limited Edition-Spring 2016
My husband would tell you that I own too many perfumes. Specifically, too many Jo Malone perfumes. Fair; currently I'm tallying in at four, no judgement. The newest to my family, the Jo Malone limited edition scent, Nasturtium and Clover. A whimsical floral scent, that teeters on herbal, and packs a bright punch of bergamot, and subtle jasmine. Amidst the fluorescent lighting, and piles of files at my desk, this scent transports me to a walk along a spring meadow, embellished with wild flowers, with a lemon tree or two off in the distance. If you've ever tried a Jo Malone scent, you probably know that they tend to be a daytime, delicate scent, one that I like to describe as the kind of perfume you can only smell when giving the wearer a hug. In my books this is tied for first with Blackberry & Bay, the scent that I just happened to have worn on my wedding day. *grins like a fool*

Due to the fact that these are limited edition, I highly recommend a trip to your local Jo Malone counter to give these a good sniff. Also, I need some advice, would it be absolutely crazy to buy a second one so that I never run out of this glorious scent?

The price tag on these beauties is well worth it, however, I don't feel the need to justify a pricey perfume purchase (say that three times fast). During a recent conversation I brought up feeling guilty about asking for a few vacation days. Among everyone in the conversation, no one could tell me that they don't feel some form of guilt when requesting time off to live! Not saving as much that month to visit family out of state, booking a flight and inquiring about PTO, investing in a new camera lens to capture better and share more often; these are things that I have felt guilty about within the past week alone. Did I feel guilty about these? Yes. Do I regret any of them? Hell no! When I marched up to the counter to do my usual perusing, and "no, I'm just looking, thank you", I realized that we all deserve to treat ourselves and not feel guilty about it. Allow yourself to accept gifts from yourself, remind yourself that there is value in taking care of you, and then go out and treat others as well!

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