Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Exfoliants Explained

Hello There!

I've never shied away from opening up about my skin troubles. It wasn't too long ago that I would dread getting out of bed, and was even washing my face multiple times a day in an attempt to clear up my skin. 
Apart from a glorious routine that I have spent many nights in front of a glowing screen researching, and catering just for my skin; I have learned to accept me for who I am. 
We're just humans y'all (amazing ones at that), we get spots, we pick when we shouldn't, life goes on, and it's okay.
We need to stop this self-hate, stop the negative spewing as you look in the mirror. Seriously, the next time that you catch a glimpse of your own reflection, listen to what you initially go to say about yourself, and then change it, dammit. Turn that "ugh, when did that planet decide to take up existence on my forehead", to "hey, you are looking ultra-beautiful today!"
Changing my mindset was one of the biggest hurdles when dealing with less-than-ideal skin. Another one; exfoliants. Go on, watch this video, add a resurfacer to your routine, and then spend the rest of the day complimenting yourself, and relish in how wonderful you truly are!

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