Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Collect Memories, Not Clutter

I've said it a few times here, and preaching only gets me so far.I need to be living proof of collecting memories, not clutter. 2016 was the year I promised to myself that I would spend money on travel and not another striped shirt or lipstick (God knows I have enough of both).

The more stuff, items, clutter, that you have, the harder it is to leave it all. The more challenging it becomes to be spontaneous, spend the weekend in a new city, book that plane ticket to somewhere tropical, show up to the train station with a bag and buy a ticket for the first train that is leaving the station (still yearning to do this, I need to let go of some control first, we're working on it).

Yes, I have a the best dog, a flat filled with Ikea furniture and rows of striped shirts, a sexy husband, a full-time desk job, a station wagon that I love dearly, and countless other things that keep me from travelling. My comfort zone lives within these stable, and familiar things, but that isn't a good enough excuse to hold me back from seeing the world.

So, as I sit here eating shamrock shaped cookies, and wondering if I should be spinning instead, to be "bikini ready" or something like that. I'm reminded that life is a balancing act. This week, and beyond, I hope that you find yours, take a step outside of that warm and cozy comfort zone, and travel for the sake of you.

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