Monday, March 28, 2016

Be Brave, Move Forward, and Follow Your Bliss

Work sucked today. I'm not trying to outshine your crummy day if you had one too, but I ripped my pants today, fell off of my chair, spilt coffee on my cream colored sweater, the phone would start ringing before I was off the line with someone else, and then my normally congested commute decided to be an even bigger bear than usual. See what I mean? Day from hell.
I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I looked downright sad. Like I should just watch a sad romcom and eat a pint of ice cream even though I'm allergic to cows milk sad. Today had gotten the best of me, and I am so much better than letting a coffee stain, and split pair of pants do that to me. So what did I do? I took a big ol' deep breath, and told myself, "be brave, move forward, and follow your bliss".

A mantra that I so often forget, but seriously love to tell myself. Yeah, I look like the kind of person you'd want to avoid on public transportation when I mutter it to myself, but I'm alright with that because it makes me feel alive. It reminds me that this moment is fleeting, if it's beautiful I should cherish it, and if it downright sucks, then it will pass. This moment will not define me. You live the life that you create, and I believe that is also the case with creating your own happiness. House is a wreck? Fix it. Stuck in a miserable job? Bounce. In a toxic relationship? I'll help pack your stuff!

Being brave doesn't mean that you swim with sharks everyday, eat raw meat for the thrill, or you sleep with your doors unlocked, it means that you are confident in being you. Be convicted that you are so damn important, so remarkably loved, and that it is by no accident that you are here. Many of you may not know that I'm kind of a Nirvana fan, I know, you wouldn't look at my J.Crew wearing behind,manicured nails, perky smile, but it's true. Kurt Cobain said something so prolific, and I believe it wholeheartedly; "wanting to be someone else, is a waste of the person you are". mic drop 

Follow your bliss, should very well be tattooed on my forehead, that's how much I love it. Don't be a knucklehead and tell yourself that your bliss is binge watching Netflix for the rest of your days, that ain't true. Instead, learn who you are and listen to that intuition of yours. Gut feelings happen for a reason, I'd be lying to you if I said that right this moment as I'm typing, that my gut wasn't telling me to do something, and you bes' believe that I am wheeling and dealing behind the scenes right now to make my dreams happen. Don't let anyone knock your hustle, hear me?

Be Brave, Move Forward, and Follow Your Bliss!

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