Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Next Stop: The Dominican Republic

Hello There!

I'm Type A. There, I said it. It's out in the universe now.
Due to this, er character trait, I'm prone to overdoing things. Over packing, curating lists of to-do lists, ordering three lip balms in the event that I use one, lose one (y'all know that I'll lose one, it's inevitable), and then need a spare.
Anxiety takes over at the mere thought of forgetting something important, the notion that something was left on at the house, or that Gus' favorite toy wasn't packed. It's overwhelming.
When vacation rolls around, I try to ease up a little, breathe deeper, and start my day with gratitude. Mid-typing this, I'm on my way to the Dominican Republic to enjoy a week of time spent with family, watching my handsome husband surf, and only having the beach, a good read, and margaritas on the agenda.

Stayed tuned for plenty of blog posts oozing with sunshine, and even a few of those overdone who me? I'm just casually at the beach shots. If you've been to this gorgeous island before; any and all suggestions of food, activities, and sights are more than welcome!

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