Saturday, January 16, 2016

Travelling is Good for the Soul

Hello There!
Reflecting on 2105 made me realize a few things...
...I need to live for myself, spend my time like currency, and recognize the significance of being present, but the most important epiphany from 2015 was that money spent on travel is never money wasted.
After a nearly six week honeymoon across Europe, Hans and I were still yearning for more travel. Travel soon, and travel often. The lessons you learn about yourself, your travel partner, life and beyond, are immeasurable.
Too often we tell ourselves that we don't deserve to be treated, that we should feel guilty for indulging in things simply for pleasure. When you splurge on those plane tickets, or renew your passport instead of buying those new shoes, I believe that these should be considered hurdles of growth and not selfish expenses. Travel has opened my eyes, shown me new perspectives, taught me a lot about myself and the dynamic of my marriage. I've fallen in love with strange cuisines, taken a liking to wandering hand-in-hand with no plan, and have become addicted to that invigorating feeling of stepping off of the train, and not knowing what lies beyond the platform.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "why is she telling me to travel the world from her couch, when she's still in her pajamas?". Fair question. By writing out my own advice, and sharing it with y'all, I'm hoping it will give me a proper push to get out and see more of the world. Travel makes me feel alive, and it's just over a month now until we touch down in the Dominican Republic, and our spring trip to Switzerland will be here before you know it.

Whether it's a weeks getaway, a year abroad, a day trip, or an adventure right in your city, we should hold one another accountable to make time for treating ourselves to a little travel. I know that you have a place where you've been dying to get to. Write it down, set a goal, and make it happen! I encourage you to travel now, and travel often.

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