Monday, January 11, 2016

A Swiss Rendezvous, New Glarus

Hello There!

We rose with sun, spilled simmering espresso into insulated tumblers, and bundled up to brave the cold.
A proper winter adventure was in order!

Being that my mister is predominantly Swiss we knew just the spot to venture to: New Glarus. A quaint town that boasts rich heritage, whimsical architecture, and a gateway into a Swiss village.

Back in 1845, New Glarus was bought by authorities and lent to Swiss immigrants as a way to aid in a poverty stricken region of Switzerland. Settlers were allowed to rent the land for ten years with no fees, and then were offered a chance to buy it at ten shillings an acre. The deep valley, sprawling farm lands, and lush hilltops reminded the first men of their home country.

Our first stop, food of course.
We tucked into a little pub and found ourselves deeply reminiscing about traveling through eastern Switzerland.
Frosty pints of the local brew to start us off. A classic, country lager for the mister and a hoppy IPA for the lady.
Unfortunately, I'm not Swiss, but I can only imagine that growing up with a Swiss grandmother would have yielded all kinds of delicious, and hearty meals.
A bratwurst piled in kraut, Swiss meatballs drenched in a mushroom gravy, and a roesti for the table.
We surfaced back into the brisk air, and scuttled off to our next adventure.
The New Glarus brewery.
I highly recommend a weekend visit in the summer. Though thrilling to have the whole place to ourselves, it would've been nice to stretch out in the sun with a pint.

Since that wasn't an option, we proceeded with a bit of a self-guided tour.
"Are you sure we can do this?" Hans asked as we trekked around the vacant warehouse. Did I know the honest answer? No, but it was a ruddy exciting tour, if I do say so myself.

Oh, do I wish I could inform you on all of the intricacies of a brewery. For now though, we can only imagine the amber liquid pumping about the building through the pipe highways.

Call me crazy, but things that I don't know about truly fascinate me. While we tip toed through corridors I added a beer brewing book to my Amazon cart, in an effort to be better prepared for our next tour. Even the mister couldn't help but document our private tour.

Having had my fill of playing tour guide, we ventured back into the village to satisfy our sweet tooth.
A spicy dirty chai, and a nip of Swiss chocolate always do the trick.

wooly socks // chelsea boots // my favorite skinny jeans // grey peacoat //  plaid scarf // beanie
Don't mind the holiday decor, this was just before Christmas!
A charming dose of cows, sprinkled throughout the town.

Soon it was time to pack up and head back to the city.
A day filled with chattering teeth warmed by espresso, laughter that echoed throughout the hamlet, and award winning brew.
Oh, and how could I forget to mention the friendly locals?
I reckon that our Swiss day-date, was the final nudge that we needed to book a pair of plane tickets back to Switzerland this spring!

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