Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter Bucket List

Hello There!
What on earth could possibly be as lovely as winter?
A season dedicated to kissing beneath mistletoe, candlelit meals with loved ones, being draped in extra layers of wooly accessories, and the world becomes an effervescent wonderland!
Wintertime is worth celebrating, and to do so, I've scribbled down a list of to-do's bursting with festivity and cheer. Want to know what I'll be getting up to? Go on, you don't have to wait until Christmas to take a peek.

-Lace up my skates and go ice skating.
-Try a new brunch spot.
-Make a donation to my local animal shelter. Although I want to take a precious pooch (or two) home, I simply can't, sigh.
-Trim a tree. Not just any tree though, a real one. Yes,  I want a real, live, shedding needles, refilling water, the earthy aroma encircling the room, kind of tree.
-Clean out the closet, and donate all items that I'm even slightly hesitant about.
-Make the mamma-jamma of all gingerbread houses!
-Go for a hike in the fresh snow with the mister. Stopping to make out is completely acceptable.
-Set up the self timer and snap a family photo, bonus points if I get around to mailing a few out!
-Make time to unwind and do nothing but build a fort, schnuggle under mounds of blankets and watch a Christmas movie.
-Surprise someone with an unexpected gift just for the hell of it!

Well there you have it, a well-rounded and achievable list that also boasts plenty of holiday spirit. Be sure to follow along on my YouTube channel, where I'll be posting videos of all of my endeavors!

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