Monday, October 19, 2015

Surprise Advice

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Hello There!
Let me paint a scene for you. I'm in a sleepy seaside town, le mister is surfing and I want nothing more than to cozy up in a coffee shop and to tuck into a dirty chai and a good read. Doing just that when I noticed that a writing workshop is congregating in the cafe. The topic for the workshop this evening; poetry inspired by modern rap.

Whilst the speaker rapped LL Cool J, I slowly plucked the headphones from my ears and deemed my book far less intriguing than this lesson. Once the rapping seized and the crowd had applauded and howled, he moved on to talk about how rap was more than not, bragging.
"Big up yourself!", he continued, "if you're dope and beautiful, say 'I'm dope and beautiful'". As a society we value so much of what can be seen on the surface and I'm here to tell you that if your life doesn't look picturesque and isn't always sunshine and rainbows, that you shouldn't feel guilty. If your bedroom is a mess and you have a dog needing a bath and the most beautiful thing right now is your Instagram feed, just know that it is okay!

If we meet one day and we're kicking over coffee, wine or wings, I don't want to know how many followers you have. I want to know what you're passionate about, what makes you up, where your values lie and the journey that led you here.

Guess what. You are dope and beautiful and I'll be here everyday to remind you of that until you start believing it yourself!

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