Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nolita, New York

Hello There!
Okay, so technically, this isn't Nolita. After having spent the few previous day exploring shopping our way through the city, we sought it best to pop over to Brooklyn for a laid back stroll..

...and boy does strolling work up an appetite.
Needing to replenish with carbs, Little Italy seemed to be the only solution.
Nolita is somewhere between a hipsters paradise and visiting those Italian grandparents that you never had, but always wished for.
Plenty of street art to swoon over and enticing handwritten signs that lure you in with Mediterranean menu items and an aromatic scent that is far too tempting to refuse.

Our noses led us to Rubirosa. Feeling slightly disappointed with the lengthy wait we distracted ourselves with the energetic scenery, quaint independent shops and even a few cupcakes to tide us over.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop has a line out the door and is ruddy well worth the wait!
Eyes wide and stomachs growling we got a few to split, and the worst blogger award goes to me for devouring them before snapping some shots. 
All I can say is, get the red velvet. It won't disappoint.
The evening winded down, appetites were well satisfied and I grinned the entire subway ride home dreaming of the brackish, braised lamb Orecchiete and the rich cream cheese frosting dolloped atop my red velvet cupcake.
Again with the lack of photos, apologies. Rubirosa was reminiscent of your family reunion, hosted in your grandparents (the Italian ones that you don't have, remember?) charming kitchen. Robust conversation, roaring laughter and hardly enough room to raise your elbows to take a bite.

Certainly not enough room to lift your camera for photos. Instead though, I will leave you with this very patriotic marquee sign!

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