Monday, October 12, 2015

Autumn Life Lately

Hello There!

Having survived a midterm week crammed with essays, number two pencils and Scantron tests, I was up for some fresh air and an adventure.

Woolly socks pulled up and snug layers zipped tight, we marched to a festive, persimmon sprinkled farm.
A tradition that has us making the trek every year to Busy Barn Adventure Farm. Plenty of room to explore and surrounded by the shades of harvest; honey, ginger, mulberry and merlot. (which could also be the fixings for a sumptuous recipe)
My beautiful sister is thee definition of an animal lover. Growing up she was the fearless, scraped knees and grass stained adorning sister. Valiant and not afraid to get dirty, she cradled each animal while I watched and snapped from afar.

We scrubbed up and wandered on.
Spending much of the afternoon guffawing with one another, sipping sultry mugs of joe and snickering at our own tongue-in-cheek humor.
Oh my gourd, how cute are these?
A brisk and bumpy hayride led us to an autumnal paradise. Amber, stone and emerald colored squashes embellished the unkempt patch.
Struggling to hold our eagerly large Pumpkins, we buzzed back to the farm to meet up with some friends...
... the most warm and neighborly of chums! I was tempted to trade my pumpkin in exchange for this fuzzy fellow. He would've made a great Sir Edgar.
With weary eyes and tired feet, we bid adieu to one another and ambled home.
A journey definitely worth making and a remarkable way to fall into the autumnal spirit (see what I did there?). We called it a day, whispering and giggling from hammock to hammock until we all drifted off. Not a bad ending to a harvest packed day, indeed. 

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