Thursday, September 10, 2015

Graphic Tees, New Balances + Denim

Hello There!

Coming down from my Manhattan high, my city seemed less shiny and invigorating.
Therefore I've challenged myself. Visit new sights, take on imaginative adventures, chow down at those joints that have been on the visit list for ages and check out my city in a new light.
Oh and I did just that.

A rather fitting "Hello" shirt for this enterprise.
This location has had my eye since the streets were snow-clad. No better time like the present to pose in front of a lemonade hued wall. Am I right?
Fresh kicks for my fresh outlook on my stomping grounds.
Scooped these up in a major sale in New York, the last in the sale to be exact. I just couldn't leave them there all alone, right? 
Satisfyingly casual, just the right amount of comfort, but most importantly; they go with ruddy everything in my closet! Swoon
Rocking a graphic tee could be on my resumé (if I do say so myself). Currently in the middle of an Indian summer, I opted for an eyelet skirt that has the perfect combination of elegance and swish to it!

Some dainty, rose gold accessories to elevate this otherwise easygoing look, and my trustee jean jacket. Sadly, my denim sidekick didn't see much of today.
Oh, I cannot wait to layer myself in cardigans, bundle up in tartan scarfs and tuck into piping hot apple cider and buttery, pumpkin pie.
But before those foggy dawns accompanied by my steaming mug of coffee are here, I will celebrate the sunshine and wait patiently for my city to turn amber and the air to fall brisk.

Just as the sun began to sneak behind the buildings, we eagerly wandered to a new burger joint. 
Crossing off spots on my visit list all the while falling madly in love with my city, again and again!

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