Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Flea Market Finds

Hello There!

Another day, another weekend post. 
My mom  partner in crime and I set our alarms before the rooster's call and embarked on a treasure hunt (er, sort of).
This weekends adventure, a flea market that pops up only once a month and guarantees novelties, carnival food and a fair share of people watching.
Heirloom tea sets, towers of wooden crates, weathered picture frames and an abundance of candy-colored Mason jars.
If a rustic wedding is in the cards for you, the flea market should be the first stop on your list.
Bartering is highly accepted, have the cash in hand and make an upright offer.
The vendors pride themselves in knowing their collections, so ask questions! You may just learn that the wheel you are buying for decor was once on a Ford Model T.
*swoon* Marquee letters are a weakness of mine.
I'll be skipping the nursery from now on and adopting my greenery from the proud farmers here.
Rows of herbs, vegetables, flowers and darling succulents.
Hens and Chicks plants bigger than your fist for a bargain of five dollars.
All of the random bits, bobs and buttons you could want.
After tiring our feet and taking in all that we could manage, we retreated to the car with our aged trinkets in tow.
The only thing that seemed to be missing was a good nibble.
Of course I don't except a fancy pants meal, nothing gourmet or a proper feast, but a substantial dish to keep us going and, hey, I wouldn't oppose a cold one either.

How is your summer treating you?
Anything that I should be getting up to? C'mon, spill!

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