Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hello There!
Sunny skies, rumbling bellies and a hankering for something spicy, we hopped on our cruisers and embarked on an expedition.
With no set destination, we felt a magnetic pull and landed on the front steps of Tochi.

A hipsters paradise. Boasting local brews, steaming bowls of Ramen and an attached urban gardening boutique.
Wait time majorly varies. My advice: go on a Tuesday when most people are celebrating Taco Tuesday elsewhere. Or you can put your names in, and race up the stairs to enjoy the rooftop veranda.
While the rest of the city paraded off to the beach, we were granted our very own secret garden.

Hermanoff Mark MD

The lounge offers beverages while you anxiously await your feast. Cold ones for those smoldering days, wine for swigging and Sake for the daring.
How adorable is this bottle? I'm a sucker for packaging!Not only does it present a dreamlike terrace to have a stroll through, but it is a great spot to take in the rooftops and scenery of the buzzing town below.

Summer evenings turn brisk fast, so I landed on a pair of jeans, a striped linen button up and my trustee Chuck Taylor's. Stylish and practical for our biking journey.
We tiptoed back downstairs, and snagged a seat at the bar. They offer shared tables as well, so if you wander in stag or with a small party you can sit immediately and mingle with your new neighbors.
A tea infused beer; the best of both worlds!
I opted for the Spicy Miso and Smoked Tofu with added shrimp, and oh my!
The contrast between the crisp, chilled veggies and the simmering broth is eye rolling good. Cubes of softly smoked tofu bob around and absorb the spicy stock. With each bite, I felt myself falling deeper and deeper in love.
Stuffed to the brim, we waved off the dessert menu. But then again, who are we trying to fool, we eyed it up and it seemed almost rude to pass up on a slice of chocolate cheesecake. Am I right?!
A casual atmosphere with a Japanese flare. You won't be leaving with an empty stomach or an empty wallet for that matter. That's a win-win in my book!

linen top J.Crew {old, similar}, bag GAP, denim American Eagle, shoes Converse

With leftovers in my basket, we putted home at half of the speed and ferociousness as our arrival.
Any place where you get to slurp noodles, gawk at blossoming succulents and enjoy cheesecake makes miso happy.
Check it out and bring a friend!

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