Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stripes, Beignets + Bastille Days

Hello There!

Nothing like jutting off to Paris for the evening! 
Am I right?

Alright, alright. You got me, this isn't exactly Paris. 
My city throws a Bastille Days celebration every year, and the idea of a mounds of macarons, stacks of beignets, pyramids of eclairs and fountains of bubbly, has me feeling like a kid on Christmas.
Thank goodness this festival only comes around once a year, I would need to be rolled home if it took place any more than that.Vendor stalls lined the perimeter, statuesque street performers gathered crowds and the smell of rich cuisine filled the square.
A lovely, and notoriously delectable, french restaurant had a stand there and how could one simply refuse tomato, brie and pesto nestled inside a baguette?
Le mister opted for the Creole route and landed himself a spicy, saucy (read: messy) catfish po-boy on a bed of french fries. Juicy and scrumptious! The fries caught the toppings as they fell and just might have been the tastiest part.
Now, for my favorite part. The grand finale, the pièce de résistance, the chef d'oeuvre. The beignets.
Are you ready?
Sultry pillows of fluffy dough, topped with a heavy dusting of powdered sugar melt in your mouth and have you mmm-ing and nodding in adoration with every nibble.
The kind of dessert where you can eat two (or three, no judgement) and still want another.

A sugary snowfall that I am still dreaming about.
With full and satisfied bellies and my stripes covered in a sugary cloud, we set off on one last errand...

striped top J.Crew {crazy on sale right now!}, bag GAP, denim American Eagle, kicks Converse

Very impressed with everything that this festival had to offer! Cleanliness, plenty of bathrooms and both, cash and credit was accepted at almost every booth. Now that's a rarity!
Check out more of Cathedral Squares upcoming festivals here.

Off to find myself another beignet. Oh, and a beret. Hot damn, I love a good beret.

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