Friday, July 24, 2015

Deep Dish Date Night

Hello There!
If we've ever kicked it on a Monday together, I can almost guarantee you that we got pizza.
Not just any pizza (though I do love them all), but deep dish.
Glorious, mmmm-provoking, eye rollingly good pizza.

Another Monday and another knowing, telepathic glance between the mister and I.
All a tizzy with pizza on our minds, we thought it only sensible to take a stroll through the park beforehand.
Buzzing about the park practically balances out eating deep dish, right?

Just a statue y'all, not to be confused with an actual lion (little Milwaukee joke there).
A shift dress, obviously striped, a pair of sandals and a statement necklace. One of my favorite date night ensembles!

Alright, enough strutting about let's get to the meat and potatoes (or rather the vino and deep dish).
Did I mention bottles of wine are half off on Mondays? 
This is beginning to sound better and better.
Starter specials are always changing, we dove straight into artichokes accompanied by a garlic aioli.
Buttery, delicate, and lightly charred.
I should mention, this sauce is addicting. You could enjoy this with french fries, vegetables, burgers, pasta dishes, or just plain. Yes, I said plain. It really is that sensational.
Now for the main event.
Brace yourself.
Isn't she a beaut?
Prosciutto, salami, sausage, mushrooms, artichokes, Calabrian peppers for a kick and pickled banana peppers for a bite, all hugged by a classic Italian base.
Crispy, colorful and pleasantly saucy.
Stuffed silly, or so we thought, an affogato to share sounded too sweet to refuse.
A mini mountain of pistachio Gelato steeped in a fresh shot of espresso. 

Six days of the week, Pizza Man dishes out traditional Italian entrees and crispy crust topped with the freshest ingredients.
Don't bother looking online (well y'know, except here), reading through their tweets or scanning their Instagram. You won't find a shred of evidence that Monday nights present you with the deep dish option.
Any pizza, any toppings, stacking roughly three inches tall. Three inches of ooey, heaven-sent, 'za.
Romantic, quaint and charming with the best pizza around: how could you possibly go wrong?

striped shift dress J.Crew, sandals Kork-Ease, statement necklace Etsy

Monday Blues? Not a chance when you are sipping wine over a savory pizza and indulging in sidesplitting conversations.
Are you a deep dish lover, or do you adore a slice of the classic?

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