Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cobalt is the New Black

Hello There!

Ignoring necessary errands that needed running, I found myself in Ulta. Whoops! I was shuffling my feet up and down the aisles until, the clouds parted, light beamed down and there in front of me was the ultimate sapphire nail polish. (Insert choir of angels)
If the mister ever leaves town, he will be greeted with an interior dripping in cobalt. D'you think he'll mind?
This is my very first Essie polish. Shock and awe, I know, I know. Hear my out though, I'm a habitual being. Loyalty to a certain nail polish brand *cough cough OPI* has stopped me from exploring the vast and glorious world of all nail polishes.
The shade is Butler Please, and consider this my fair warning that you will be seeing this quite a bit all summer long. A solid two coats gives the optimal, opaque coverage. The brush was a touch on the skinny side, but a little practice and some maneuvering and you'll be a pro in no time.
Even my mister commented saying, "that's my favorite blue, like ever". He just might be warming up to the idea of an all blue home!
Overall, I'm mighty impressed with Essie and cannot wait to get my hands on a few more.
Was my collection lacking a blue hue? Absolutely not. But when you see a good thing, you just know it!
What do you consider your signature nail polish color?

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