Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Cedarburg Strawberry Festival

Hello There!

Who doesn't love a weekend adventure?
That was the thought when my mom, best friend, and I made plans for a girls day.
We left our misters at home, grabbed our tote bags in anticipation for found treasures and packed into the car to explore a local strawberry fest.
But first (and most importantly) breakfast was in order.We followed the buttery scent of fresh-baked pastries and found ourselves in Boulangerie Du Monde.Refueled with parisian goodies, we set off to do dawdle through the festival.Birchwood Wells, an enchanting homeware shop that immediately enticed us in. 
Full of whimsical and restored pieces; the shabby chic lovers utopia.
There was an unambiguous moment when I thought that my mom was going to take up residence amongst the repurposed pieces and antique gems.
The three of us needed a pick-me-up and Fiddleheads certainly fit the bill.
Iced java in hand, we were once again ready to absorb the charming towns offerings.
A secret garden promised a shaded terrace, live music and a frosty tipple.
Who could would resist?
Festival in progress or not, I thoroughly reccomend a trip to Cedarburg.
A picturesque downtown that boasts both a hometown and European atmosphere.Strolling, window shopping and taking notes from the vintage shopping queen herself.
Before long, it was time to venture home. 

We did all of the moseying possible, ate our way through the fair and left needing naps all around.
A Saturday well spent, indeed
How was your weekend? Any big plans for the upcoming week?

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