Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jo Malone Peony + Blush Suede Review

Hello There!

Psst, come in close.
I have a (not so) secret to tell you.
If there was such a thing as perfume addiction, I might have it.

The smell of peonies will forever remind me of visiting my, then boyfriend now husbands, parents home and the endless row of ivory blooms that greeted you when pulling into the driveway.
A pure and spontaneous scent that mimics an airy mosey through a field of peonies. Floral lovers unite for this full-bodied blossomy fragrance, with notes of juicy red apple (no wonder, I love it so much). A well-rounded scent for those who swoon over botanic and uplifting scents.
fragrance, candle, body creme, body wash 

Fresh, auroral and floral.

This is definitely one of those perfumes that requires only two spritzes and will have you saying, "what smells so lovely? Oh, that's me!", all day long.
If you're lucky enough to live near a Jo Malone store (yes, I'm still bitter that my state doesn't sell these beauties) then pop in and have a whiff, you won't be disappointed.
A great gift too, for your mum and your buds!

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