Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yellow Flowers + Golden Hours

Hello There!

Whoa. These past weeks have been quite the blur.
Life update: finals are this week, work is the busiest it has ever been and most nights I feel as though I am begging the sun to stay out just a little longer.
I have been knee deep in stress thought as of late. On a typical drive home from work, my cloudy head had cleared just long enough for me to realize that my city was in bloom.
Trees engulfed in blossoming buds, sidewalks are lined with technicolor blooms and all of it has reminded me to unknot a bit and cherish this season.

What better way to enjoy the weather than in thee most comfortable romper. Silky, lightweight and you don't have to fret over a gust of wind baring too much. Double score! Did I mention that it also has pockets? Triple score! (that may not be an actual thing, but by gosh, it should be)
Any wild hair can be tamed with a few bobby pins, rubber bands and braids. That's my motto anyways!

We are finally at the point where you are content tossing on a light jacket. Whad'ya know, another post featuring my beloved denim jacket. Swoon.

How precious are these? Practicing loads of self control, I resisted having a lie down in the neighbors field of daffodils. 

denim jacket J.Crew, patterned romper Old {similar here, as well as here}, dainty gold necklace Nordstrom, sandals Plakton {you'll also love these and these ones!}
Spring is a triumphant season. One that (quite literally) brings new life and beauty into the world, and also gives some perspective on what truly matters.

If you are going through something, anything, I just want to remind you that the issue does not define you. A chaotic work load, piles of homework, neither will kill you, and frankly neither will establish your worth.  When you know your value, and where it comes from these minor struggles cannot shake you.

Happy Spring y'all! Now let me leave with a few words of encouragement: "Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly" -JFK

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