Sunday, May 24, 2015

Neutral Beach Hues

Hello There!
A few things that you may know about me:
I adore stripes, am crazy about rose gold and will do just about anything to be by the sea.
So it should come as no surprise that this post features all three of those!

Spring has a tendency to be a damned muddy mess. So when the sun shines, by goodness, you take advantage of it.
Apart from the sunshine, today was magical on so many levels. Le mister and I had the honor of photographing a wedding. The clouds cleared, laughter echoed over the water and we buzzed all night about how seamlessly it was going.
Once the wedding came to a close we cooed over how perfect the lighting still was, and couldn't resist capturing the end to a glorious and memorable day.
That is the grin of someone filled to the brim with bubbly enthusiasm!

The star of the show: my new Keds!
It just so happens that the first time I wore these was also the day that I had to be on my feet for countless hours. Not the smartest of ideas, Alex.
Or so I thought. No aching and not a blister in site.
I think I'm in love.
rose gold necklace Stella + Dot, striped peplum top Gap, capris J.Crew, kicks Keds, jacket Burberry

Being that the wedding was fairly casual, I opted for my most beloved capris, a striped peplum top and a glitzy necklace to add just a bit of glamour.
For functionality purposes, I landed on wearing pants and comfy shoes. Need be a shot required me to lie on the ground or climb on rocks (and oh, it did) I wouldn't have to be worrying about an accidental up skirt incident and a ruined pair of heels.
Yes, that is a perma-grin on my face. I don't know how to stop all of this smiling.
If one could see happiness in others, you would see that mine is overflowing right about now.
I guess we can go ahead and add photographing weddings to the above list of loves!

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