Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Casual Date Night

Hello There!
The first few weeks of spring are always buzzing. A city full of people itching to wear their summer gear. Wanting to frolic around in sundresses, romp about in sandals and sip chilled cocktails on rooftops.
Fingers crossed that those days are right around the corner.
For now though, donning a warm scarf is still a necessity in the evenings, don't let that glimmering sunshine fool you.
Weekday date nights always seem a tad more exciting for some reason. The quiet restaurants are more intimate, the coffee shops a tad more romantic and you rarely have to share an armrest with your neighbor in the theater. Score!

Le mister is always taking me on dates, whatta guy! Hand in hand we snuck in a little heaps of candy and took in the new Avengers flick.
Mighty good, if I do say so myself!

Don't worry, I ditched the cardinal colored lip to fully enjoy the candy and butter drenched popcorn. 
Not too sure what deserved this face. Perhaps, it was in response to the mister shutting down my idea to get gelato, licorice and a few Reese's before the film.
long sleeved top J.Crew {similar here}, scarf J.Crew {similar here + here}, capris J.Crew {ON SALE!}, leopard loafers Sole Society, poppy lipstick Nars Lana, nail polish OPI

Alright, alright, enough with the lovey-dovey stuff though, let's get to the outfit.
The leopard infatuation continues. I consider these flats a neutral and am loving mixing them with other patterns, such as this plaid scarf. 
The patterns take the cake (I had a lot of cupcakes this week, don't judge me on the food puns) and the foundation of this outfit is made up of basics.
Building your wardrobe around basics with texture, pattern and colors sprinkled in is a great way to ensure that you have a timeless look and that you wear every piece that you buy.

What a lovely date night indeed, although I cannot wait to ditch the scarfs and outerwear for good!

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