Saturday, May 30, 2015

Acid Wash + Ivory

Hello There!
School's out for summer! *simultaneously twirls and tosses confetti about
Along with dinners on the balcony, lounging in the sun and bike rides to froyo, it also means that I am back to working full-time. Sigh.
After a dragging day at the office and past the point of tired eyes from staring at a monitor, coming home feels remarkable. It's an obvious decision to muster up what's left of my energy and head to the beach for a mosey.

Those pesky winter blues have officially been sloughed off, and everything seems to have its glimmer back.Nothing screams summer to me like strutting around in my Native Shoes. Or, rambling barefoot with them in tow.Le mister and I tiptoed to where the pier turned to water, battled some serious wind and quivered together beneath foam sprays.

I am yet to mention my acid wash jeans, whoops!
I know, I know. These are not everyones cup of tea and are somewhat exceedingly reminiscent of the eighties. However, they are something fun and lighthearted to keep in my closet and pull out every now and again.

The balmy breeze, tardier sunsets and barefoot rendezvous are here to stay, and I am grinning ear-to-ear about it!

What are you most excited about now that the weather is finally feeling like summer?

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