Thursday, May 14, 2015

More Stripes + Leopard + Rose Gold

Hello There!

For the love of stripes, I can't seem to stop wearing them!
So often I sing my praises for them, and believe me it's for a very good reason. To me, stripes are a neutral. Crazy concept, I know, but stay with me.
For ages I hesitated mixing patterns. For fear of looking like a child whose parents had given up the getting-dressed-battle and landed on letting me wear whatever I so desired.
Once you break the rules though, a wardrobe world, full of possibilities is opened to you. Think Narnia, only much better dressed, less snow and, yeah, perhaps not.
Oh, isn't rule breaking a blast?
Generally, I stick to the concept of an outfit of basics with a sprinkling of pattern.
An ensemble that is simple and practically fool proof to pull together. Don't you just love it when it works out like that?

My watch battery is still very much dead. Sigh. Being without it though wouldn't look right and I would feel downright naked. Anyone else have that same struggle?
After a long day spent in the office, there seemed to be no better ending than catching the last glimmering rays of daylight. Thankfully, the sun sets late enough for us to enjoy a hand-holding mosey through the park, a sun-drenched dinner on the patio and then some.

striped crew neck Gap {only $9!}, rose gold watch Nixon, rose gold bracelet Stella + Dot, flared skirt J.Crew, navy tights J.Crew, leopard loafers Sole Society

Long gone are the days of knee length parkas, piping hot drinks and digging through layers of outwear just to find your phone.
As our jacket-less meander winded down and the light turned golden we headed home, poured ourselves a few frosty pints of beer and bantered about our spring bucket lists.
A great start to the season, if I do say so myself!

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