Thursday, April 30, 2015

Neon + Denim by the Seaside

Hello There!
Well, would you look at that: another seaside outfit post. 
Isn't a mosey around a pebble clad beach always a good idea though?

Why, yes. Those are a pair of smooching seahorses on my tee. How seaside appropriate of me!

A little rose gold action is always good for the soul. Is that how the ole saying goes?
Whilst pretty, my beloved watch is actually out of battery. Does anyone else feel extremely naked without their watch on? So, on my wrist it shall remain as a daily reminder to get that sorted.

Plucked a stone just for you, yes you. 
The city may be just minutes away, but the shore always maintains a refreshing quality.

After a quick rock skipping contest (loser, right here), and a modest flamboyant amount of snaps, we raced home to huddle under blankets and whisper about how it may be spring but it isn't quite as warm as summer yet.
sunnies Electric, snogging seahorse tee J.Crew, denim jacket J.Crew, chartreuse skirt J.Crew, rose gold watch Nixon, kicks Converse

No surprise here, my outfit seems to revolve around more blue hues. 
I debated between this chartreuse skirt and it's navy sister, and am so happy that I landed on this lemonade shade. It brings a bold, focal point to the outfit. 

My trustee Converses are oh-so good to me. Practical, comfortable and you don't even have to sacrifice on style. Win-win! 

Off to go brush up on my rock skipping skills. Have a lovely weekend y'all!

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