Thursday, April 16, 2015

Khaki + Keds

Hello There!

You have to promise not to tell anyone, but I have found my very own secret garden. I imagine this is what finding Narnia feels like. (slightly dramatic?)

On a journey to our most beloved Mexican restaurant a gated garden drenched in ivy appeared. We couldn't resist seeing if the gate was unlocked ad enjoying a bit of a mosey.
Fun fact: I am a massive baseball fan. Seriously. These Keds walked into my life and I just had to scoop them up, it would've been a rookie mistake not to. I'm so punny!

My rose gold Nixon watch, aka my trustee sidekick. Truth be told, I need a new battery but feel naked without a watch on. So the time will remain two to ten, until I remember to get that replaced. Feel free to remind me in the comments below!

Every last bit of me wants to toss on a glass roof, move all of our bedroom furniture in and fall asleep each night surrounded by ivy

red lipstick MAC, striped boat shirt J.Crew, military vest Camping Store {similar here and here}, wishbone necklace Nordstrom, denim American Eagle, kicks Keds

Oh, and would you look at that, I'm in stripes again. There is no explanation apart from that I have a deep addiction love for them and they add a touch of nautical to an otherwise minimalist outfit.

A classic red lip, stripes and baseball Keds: that's what I call a home run!

Too many bad puns for one post?... I apologize.

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