Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Florals

Hello There!
Remember when I shared with you my nickname?
I do believe that I am currently living up to it. Can you blame me, though? Temperatures were (finally) out of the negatives and the sun was beaming.
It was all a beautiful pre-spring blur.

crimson lipstick MAC Cosmetics, turtleneck Forever 21 {only $23!}, floral pants Old {similar here, here, and here!}, kicks Converse

How wild is it that daylight savings is already on Saturday? The good-wild, though!

Feeling spritely and taking full advantage of the weather, I popped on my favorite pair of fancy pants, a snuggly cable knit and shoes suitable for strutting about, and set off for some fresh air.

Scarlet lips have been a bit of a staple for me, as of late. The matte-r, the redder, the better.
I do admit, it seems like an unusual lip color for feeling so surrounded by springtime. This shade isn't your average festive red, think of it as a poppy red, and be prepared to see me marching around in it quite a bit.

My city may have reached temperatures in the twenties this week (which felt like a heatwave) but I will be traveling to Florida next week. I am all smiles thinking about sunshine, lounging in my bikini and cold drinks on the beach. Oh, and the outfits that I will finally be able to wear! *cranks up heat, puts on swimsuit and does happy dance

Here's to temps in the double digits and the return of glittering sunshine!

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