Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Additions: Lime Crime Velvetines in Pink Velvet

Hello There!

Lipstick addicts, this post is for you.

If you're into makeup, in any shape or form, you have probably heard of Lime Crime. Notorious for their bold eyeliners and long lasting lip stains, I finally caved and picked up one of their best sellers, the Velvetines in the shade Pink Velvet.

Now let's get down to details!

Firstly, you'll notice this lovely and ultra-glam packaging. The bold color and strong vanilla scent will be what steals the show next. However, none of these factors are even the best part. Do you want to know what is? Are you sure? Oh, alright. The longevity!

It goes on like a gloss, within thirty seconds it is a bit sticky and around the minute mark is when it goes completely matte and the color is locked in for the entire day. Yes, the entire day.

Somewhere between my first and second espresso (don't judge) I decided to pop this on and test just how long it would actually last. Once applied, I realized that I hadn't brushed my teeth yet. Was this going to be a mess or the ultimate test? The ultimate test it was. There was zero transfer from my lips to my toothbrush. This is a full fledged, lip stain miracle!

Matte lip products are known for drying out your lips, I did experience a bit of that but slapping some nourishing lip balm on prior will help substantially.

Lime Crime has their own website, but with some recent drama, I highly recommend ordering from Urban Outfitters. It is a little secret that they stock them and they rarely sell out (score!).

I cannot wait to wear this fuchsia shade with a bronzy eyeshadow and a coat of mascara! Are you looking for a lip color that you can put on and not have to worry about or fuss with? Then the Lime Crime Velvetines are for you!

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