Monday, February 2, 2015

My Weekend Pit and Peak

Hello There!

Monday's are always a bittersweet day. I'm left daydreaming about the weekend exurcions and usually drowning in to-do's. 

Just as I shared with you my 2014 pit and peak, I wanted to sum up my weekend in the same fashion. 

peak: One of my oldest friends visited and we had an impromptu treat yo' self day. I'm on a bit of a shopping embargo but managed to stay under $50 and still get some amazing pieces (video to follow). Dirty Chai's, Beyonc√© dance parties, too much time in J.Crew, we even bought ourselves bouqets to sniff whilst we watched Gossip Girl. Our stomachs rumbled as we anxiously awaited our reservation at our favorite restaurant. The food, oh the food... Sorry, where was I. 

Good company, good wine and a turtle cake that left me with too tight of pants. 

pit: Snow, and lots of it. Sunday I awoke to ankle deep snow and by the late afternoon it was already up to my knees. Snowfall is a beautiful thing, however I am itching for spring and sundresses so the sight of snow is rather deflating for me. 

How was your weekend? Do tell me in the comments below! 

I how that you had a magical one and that this week is even better!

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