Friday, January 9, 2015

January Mood Boosters

Hello There!

January can be a dreary month. We go from bopping around to parties all throughout December to being snowed in and left with a house full of Christmas decorations that we just can't bear to put away.

No need to fret though, I have a few things that will boost your mood through this blue month and having you feeling refreshed and ready to take on all of those resolutions that we made.


1// Light a candle. While you're at it skip those holiday, cinnamon and pepperminty scents. You need something to lift your spirits and fill your home with a bright and blooming scent! 

2// Girl, you deserve a new lipstick. Find your staple spring lipstick and wear it early. Hell, I'm vacuuming and wearing a bright pink lipstick today. It lifts your mood and will feel like a bit of a revolution compared to all of the scarlet from the holidays.

3// Treat Yo' Self! Your skin deserves some pampering and looking after yourself will make you feel even better! Go for a scrub, then do a little DIY mani (add mimosas if needed). 

4// The start of a new book feels like the start of a new adventure. Recently I've started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Take steps to fulfilling your own happiness and obliterate that blizzard taking place just outside. 

5// Revamp your bedding! Urban Outfitters is where I always get my bedding from. They offer unique and on sale pieces all with outstanding quality! 

What do you do to boost your mood? Feel free to do any of these or all of them. Have a pamper day, put on your new lipstick, light your fresh candle, crawl into your bright new bedding and dive into a book!

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