Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday #1

Hello there!

For so long I have been wanting to start a series here on my slice of the internet. On and off I have done the Monday Marvelist, and though that series makes me all excited and challenges me, I wanted to do a series all about positivity. It can be so easy to become wrapped up in the negatives, the 'no's' and the 'can't's. This is my chance to share my gratitude with you and remind myself of all of the little things that have made me smile.

So raise your champagne, your coffee or your mug with champagne in it (don't worry, I won't judge) and let's cheers to this little, lighthearted endeavor.

{Current favorite: anything festive, cheerful or holiday-filled!}

 {Bold, bright and eye-catching pink lipstick. Who says that only red lipstick is festive?}

{Currently loving: COFFEE! Finals have taken their tole on me and I am beat, so the more coffee the better}

{L.L Bean Boots for the win! These are my go-to shoe for this strange December weather}

What have you been thankful for or loving this week?

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