Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Share the Love

Hello there!

It's a magical opportunity being involved in the blogging and Youtube community. What a lovely thing to all be connected by this vast and marvelous blogosphere. Finding a new blog and then binge reading all of the way back to their first post, is something that I love (shamelessly) indulging in. Today I wanted to share with you some lovely individuals that I know you will enjoy, and apologies in advanced if you spend the next few hours stuck in the beautiful blogging vortex.

Milly {she takes fabulous to the next level! Her photos and posts are always so well presented and beyond inspiring!}
Rosie {a fellow redhead who is overflowing with talent!}
Sabrina {posts regularly and has a variety of quality content}
Lucy & Lydia {These two have infectious laughs and some serious talent!}
Lucie {her blog will make you feel as though you've been friends for ages}
Kathleen {Down to earth, funny and amazing at makeup! Her videos always feel like sitting and chatting with an old friend}
Gabby {a lovely human being who also makes amazing vlogs and videos!}
Jade {serious hair and closet envy, such a sweet personality as well!}
Rebecca-Louise {genuine and honest reviews only from this lovely girl}
Mikhila {this girl knows her stuff and is great at sharing}
Carissa {fellow midwesterner and lover of J.Crew, need I say more?!}

Thank you so much to the lovely Corrie whom inspired this post, I saved mentioned her for last so that you would definitely check her Youtube channel and blog out!

I am always on the hunt for new bloggers to join my evening tea times with me, please let me know in the comments if there is anyone that I need to be reading or watching!

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