Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Morning Pajamas

Hello there!

Oh Christmas, how you have snuck up on us once again! I've mentioned it a few (too many) times in the past, but this time of the year is my absolute favorite. 

Among many glorious things, it is the perfect excuse to lounge in adorable jammies all day.

pajamas Aerie, necklace Nordstrom, nail polish OPI

Don't fear the onesie! Not only is this one of the coziest things that you will ever put on, but it is also keeps you nice and toasty. 

After a homemade brunch by my kitchen-goddess mother, mimosas, presents and the annual family NERF hunger games (yes, that is a real thing) you can wind down and settle in by the fireplace with a holiday flick on. No need to change either, because you'll still look cute in your waffle onesie but also be ready to hit the hay!

Only a few days until my favorite day of the year!... Who else is as excited as I am?

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