Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Fog Days are Over

Hello there!

Sometimes the things that we perceive as negative are only there to guide us and push us on to something better and greater.

I'll explain: Today was sunny, all week has been this way, not a cloud in the sky, mid-seventies and then some fog started to roll in. Damn fog. Except for the fact that overcast weather is the best condition to shoot in and thus, I bring to you my foggy day outfit.

Navy & white stripes are my Achilles heel. Don't be afraid to mix patterns, especially keeping it in the same color family while give you a chic look. When I bought this Burberry jacket I was shaking like a Chihuahua. It was the largest purchase that I have ever made and felt nauseas thinking that I may not wear it as often as I should. Rest assured I overwear it, and I am ok with that. It is the perfect weight and can be added to a more formal look and also tossed on with jeans. Oh, I live for pieces like this one!

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