Saturday, October 25, 2014

Skinny Sweatpants & Stripes

Hello there!

I am an avid over-dresser. My nightmares are not about showing up somewhere without pants, but showing up somewhere and being underdressed. That being said, I will admit I have strayed from the designer sweatpants trend. Until, I put a pair on. Oh, my.

Running errands was on the agenda and I tossed these on, rather spontaneously, and I am so glad that I had. These pants aren't only the comfiest pair that I own but they are also in trend, which makes them even better. 

I wanted to add just a bit of charm and did so with a statement necklace. Keeping the necklace choice clear and white, it gives the look a bit of depth but there is no color to distract from the rest of the outfit. For the perfect pop of color, I went with a striped tee with a fluorescent, color blocking detail.

All errand running excursions need to be done so in these incredibly cozy pants, oh heck, I could wear these pants everyday! 

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