Thursday, October 9, 2014

Patterned Pants and Denim

J. Crew Corduroys (old, similar here and on sale!), J. Crew Sweater (currently on sale), J. Crew Necklace (old, similar here & 25% off), J. Crew Denim Vest (old, similar here also love this one), White Converse Chuck Taylor

Hello there!

"Want to go for a walk, and take pictures of me?". That's how the other afternoon went, and the mister was more than happy to tag along and play photographer. I tossed on something casual and relaxed and off we went for a stroll. 

This oversized denim vest has been gawking me for months and I finally took it off of the hanger and am glad that I did. Overtop a simple J.Crew sweater provides the perfect weight for taking on the beach around this time of year.

I think that I should write a sonnet on my love for fancy pants but until that debut, I'll make a few key points here. Easily take your whole look up a notch with a pair of them. Generally I buy ankle length so that I can dress them up with heels, rock them casually with white Chuck Taylor's and tuck them into boots over the winter. Today I went with the Converse though, like most days, they are just too comfortable and easy to pair with everything.

Leave it up to the mister to find the best sightseeing gems around the city. Though we were out for (technically) business we spent the afternoon guffawing, causing the outtake photos to really rack up.

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