Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumnal Favorites with Amy

Hello there!

Today is my first ever guest blogger post! Amy from The Cameras Lying and I have been meaning to work together for ages and we have finally come together and bring you our autumn favorites! To see my favorites for fall, check out Amy's blog here!

'Hello lovely readers of Alex's blog! Today, I'm here to give you low down of all things Fall or as we say across the pond- Autumn. I'm sharing 5 favourites of mine for when the weather gets blustery and the leaves all crispy. For starters I had to mention berry shades, for the lips, namely (I'm a lipstick girl). Halloween is coming and its time to take beauty advice from the vamps and witches and cross over to the dark side. My three favourites are MAC's 'Charmed I'm Sure' (a deep, Hollywood red), MAC's 'Rebel' (a dark plum) and for those who shy away from too much colour Bourjois 'Shine Edition in 25.' 

Next, I can't ignore the soft, snuggley jumpers we all turn to in Autumn. I love to style them up with a cute collar peeping out or a statement necklace, the one I'm wearing in the above photo is a Primark bargain (just a few pounds!) For similar knitted bargains I highly recommend H&M, New Look and Forver 21. 

When it gets cold outside and dark earlier in the evening, I prefer to hibernate in my room, usually with a good book. My hibernation reads recently have included 'The Shock of The Fall' by Nathan Filer which is deep, with many layers of the story forming to reveal the big picture at the end. Sad, thought provoking and well written. 'A Monster Calls' by Patrick Ness is about a young boy, struggling to come to terms with something, who is helped by a monster. Its beautifully illustrated throughout which mirrors the charming prose. Finally, for those of you who love adventure, George R R Martin's 'A Song Of Ice and Fire' series.

The above leads me to favourite number 4- a steaming hot mug of hot chocolate, which no book reading experience is fully whole, without. I like to make mine with milk, cocoa powder and mini marshmallows, because everything is better when its miniature.

Lastly, to keep my toes warm, I love cracking out my Autumn boots. With heels of varying heights, tall boots, ankle boots, leather, suede, black, coloured- I love them all. The ones pictured above are my navy blue OASAP booties, which are perfect for wearing to lectures, teamed with thick tights and a skirt or jeans.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and don't forget, if you want to find out Alex's favourite things about Autumn (you definitely do) head on over to my blog, to check her post out! Thank you for reading and thank you, Alex, for letting me takeover today!'

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