Monday, September 22, 2014

The Monday Marve-List: MAC Lipsticks for Autumn

Hello there!

Autumn is creeping up on us, quite literally too. Just yesterday a tree shed it's first leaf and it actually landed square on my head. 

We start feeling all of the feels that we thought we had forgotten. How much we love the crisp air and warm sun on our face, that satisfying sound when we step on crunchy leaves, and of course, oh how could I forget the feeling of rocking deeper toned lipsticks. Here are my picks, from MAC, to model into my favorite season.

1. Starting off with a bang, no just kidding, with a nude. Pure Zen will compliment heaps of skin tones. You always need a pretty nude for those days when you want to sport a smokey eye, and keep the lips simple. 

2. Plumful, oh sweet sweet Plumful. This shade is great for those who are unsure or new to the berry tones. It is a creamy formula, subtle color and can be buffed in for a more just been out in the cold or perhaps kissing, but you'll never know look.

3. The darkest, most boldest of the bunch, Rebel. In the tube it looks frightening and purple, but when applied it is a beautiful, mulberry shade. You've got this, you can work it!

4. I consider Craving the big, more sassy sister of Plumful. A touch darker and leans berry, whereas Plumful is, well, plum.

5. Up the Amp, the name says it all. Need to make a statement, take your look up a notch or wanting to keep your makeup simple and then stun with a glamorous lip? Then Up the Amp is your gal! It is a mid toned amethyst color and is not for the faint of heart.

Don't forget to don these with confidence!

Though I don't have any events to wear these to just yet, I am just itching to slap on some deep, berry hues (may or may not have put on Rebel just to vacuum my house in). Do you have any exciting festivities for autumn planned? I'll be living vicariously through you and rocking one of these whilst doing so.

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