Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Day My Channel Turned One

Hello there!

Today marks my Youtube channel's first birthday. Oh, do I wish I had confetti and balloons to drop over all of you who are reading this. In this past year there are definitely a ton of cringey moments, but had I not borrowed my sisters camera one year ago and just gone for it, I wouldn't be here, with you, today.

I did things the unconventional way (but when do I not). Youtube led me to blogging and they are each like my children, one no least loved than the other.

Trying not to feel too many feels right now, I must say that I am so happy and pretty damn proud. Now who wants a story? I hope you're shouting "ME, me, I do!" because here it goes. Once upon a time, no I'm kidding, but on September 28th, 2013 I got an urge. An urge to stop spending hours watching videos and start making them. Stubborn Alex pushed it to the side. It wasn't leaving my thoughts though. Have you ever been around a three-year-old? They follow you around (even into the bathroom) and ask why. Why this? Why that? But why? Those were my thoughts except they were asking, why not?

The night of the 29th, the mister and I were lying in bed and I simply looked over and said I'm going to start a Youtube channel. That was it, my mind was made up.

Fast forward to the next afternoon: I was sat in front of the (borrowed) camera, talking about products that I had used up. It still exists on my channel, so if you're in need of a good laugh have a look. My first ten views were just myself checking on the video to see if it was being watched.

The rest was truly history. Through struggles, and lighting issues, iMovie fails and uploading schedule changes, I stayed on Youtube. I stayed for my viewers but mostly I have stayed for myself.

Nothing is as rewarding as doing all of this work and then seeing the first few comments roll in. Your sweet support has made this past year one of the greatest of my life and I cannot wait to continue to grow and share with you.

One year and a week ago, I had absolutely no idea where my life would take me. So here is to this year, and the next year and letting life, blogging and Youtubing (probably not a real verb) take me along for the greatest ride that I could have never imagined, and to you for being here reading this!

Oh wow, feeling the feels now. And on that note: I love you, goodbye!

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